2016 Mathematics (1)

Questions as ordered on the Tripos Paper:

(See also all questions as one pdf, or the same but with solutions.)

Question 1 (has answers) [Factorization]
Question 2 (has answers) [Completing the Square, Partial Fractions]
Question 3 (has answers) [Factorization]
Question 4 (has answers) [Inequalities]
Question 5 (has answers) [Graph Sketching, Solution Sets]
Question 6 (has answers) [Differential Equations]
Question 7 (has answers) [Integration]
Question 8 (has answers) [Differentiation]
Question 9 (has answers) [Graph Sketching]
Question 10 (has answers) [Geometry]
Question 11R (has answers) [Complex Numbers]
Question 12Y (has answers) [Differential Equations, Graph Sketching]
Question 13T (has answers) [Conservative and Nonconservative Vector Fields, Differential Equations, Line Integrals]
Question 14Z (has answers) [Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues, Matrices]
Question 15T (has answers) [Taylor Series]
Question 16X (has answers) [Probability]
Question 17Z (has answers) [Differential Equations]
Question 18S (has answers) [Integration]
Question 19Y* (has answers) [Partial Differentiation]
Question 20R* (has answers) [Conservative and Nonconservative Vector Fields, Stokes' Theorem, Surface Integrals]

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